The AutoBronzer dramatically changes automated spray tanning to a sophisticated treatment application – virtually free of unwanted and unpleasant overspray and skin over-saturation. It has a most appealing non-claustrophobic, open-air design. Spray solution is charged with electro-static technology so that it is attracted to the tanner’s body, not all over the booth! Sprays in a matter of seconds, dries in minutes.

California Tan Sunless spraytan solutions are formulated to out-perform other solutions with an exclusive combination of advanced self-tanning technology and progressive skincare.
Best for: All skin types


DHA BRONZEXTEND® Complex : California Tan Sunless exclusive self-tanning complex combines a proprietary ratio of DHA with Erythrulose for advanced sunless tanning performance. Compared to standard DHA, Bronzextend develops a more natural-looking, golden color on the skin and develops sunless results over an extended period of time for longer-lasting color.